Webometrics Ranking 2022: Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport made it into the top 100 universities in Viet Nam

Webometrics released the first ranking results on February 16, 2022. As a result, Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport was ranked the 64th place out of 178 universities in Vietnam that participated in the ranking, reaching 35 levels compared to the ranking results announced in July 2021.

Webometrics is an automated ranking that assesses the digitalization and influence of a higher education institution’s academic resources based on the indicators of the impact of its website systems and online information (Presence), openness of its academic resources on Google Scholar (Openness) and scientific citations on the Scopus database (Excellence).

Webometrics published the ranking result for universities around the world basing on some criteria such as Impact (accounting for 50%), Excellence (40%) and Openness (10%).

During the course of time, Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport has been making great efforts in upgrading its website, online information system with a new interface design, updating a lot of rich content and academic resources, attracting readers. Therefore, the University’s rankings achieved remarkable results. This is the University’ efforts in the scientific research and international publishing, improving the quality and quantity of articles in the prestigious science journals at home and abroad; actively participate in teaching activities, improving the quality of lectures; enhancing the use of online learning platforms and tools, sharing academic resources for studying and research, etc.

Universities in Vietnam and Southeast Asia are becoming increasingly interested in the university rankings as a mean of improving quality and position both within and outside the country, especially Webometrics receiving special attention due to its popularity.


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