Vietnam delegation ranked third on the 12th ASEAN Skills Competition: Students of HCMC University of Transport were honored in the international arena


With the theme "ASEAN Skills, Crafting the Future", the 12th ASEAN Skills Competition took place from August 26th, 2018 to September 5th at IMPACT Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand.

Vietnam delegation took 26 skill areas with 52 competitors, including students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC) with the participation contents of skill areas as Web design and development (Le Qui Nhat, Le Thanh Duong); IT software solutions (Nguyen Ngoc Vuong).

At this competition, Vietnam delegation participated fully, actively and responsibly in all the activities of the competition and highly appreciated by Thailand and friends of ASEAN countries careful preparation, friendly attitude and effective contribution in this year's competition, contributing to enhancing national image in ASEAN.

Vietnam delegation at the competition opening ceremony

The results were as follows: Vietnam delegation achieved excellently in 22 out of 24 official competitions; reached 32,576 points, ranked second after the host Thailand were 33,267 points. The Vietnam delegation won the third in the overall medals with 7 gold medalists, 7 silver medalists, 6 bronze medalists and 16 the Certificate of Achievement for Excellent Skills.

With the great efforts and support of lecturers in the training team, including Mr. Tran Duc Doanh and Tran Anh Quan, Faculty of Information Technology, UT-HCMC’s students won excellently the following awards: Nguyen Ngoc Vuong with a gold medal (for IT software solutions), Le Qui Nhat with a bronze medal (for Web design and development), Le Thanh Duong with the Certificate of Achievement for Excellent Skills.

Lecturers and students of UT-HCMC were in the joy of victory

The results above of Vietnam delegation is a success and has achieved the goal set out because recently, the skills competitions has been increasingly interested by countries in the region that they have been investing heavily in time, science and technology, expertise and finance for training candidates.

The 12th ASEAN Skills Competition held the largest number of skill areas (26 skill areas) and the first time had held two new skills, including a new skill in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is the Internet of Things (IOT). The competition is highly appreciated in terms of expertise, equipment, infrastructure, organization, logistics, security and especially Thailand has been determining in innovation to improve quality of the competitions to approach closely to the quality of the world skills competition. Especially, the Organization Board of Thailand has boldly applied for the first time the scoring method with the measurement and judgment of the World Skills Competition instead of the old scoring, which was more objective and subjective than the old one. On the other hand, they invited the international expert team from the World Skills Competition to observe, evaluate proposals for improvement the quality, prestige of the competition and take participate in independent evaluation in some skills.

At this competition, Vietnam has supported in training for Laotian candidates with 5 skill areas and their candidates gained the Certificates of Achievement for Excellent Skills.

(News from UT-HCMC’s training team for students and General Directorate of Vocational Education and Training)



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