UTH strengthens cooperation with Japan Businesses and Professions Association

On the afternoon of July 6, 2023, the signing ceremony of cooperation in receiving interns and newly graduated engineers from the Institute of Civil Engineering to work in Japan took place at Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UTH) between the Institute of Civil Engineering (authorized from UTH’s President) and the Kagawa Prefectural Construction Industry Association - Ippan Zaidan Hojin Kagawaken Kensetsugyo, along with Goda Komuten Construction Joint Stock Company. The cooperation agreement has a term of 5 years (2023 - 2028), with the possibility of extension based on mutual interest.

On July 1st, 2023, representatives from UTH and Hwajung Industrial System Co., Ltd. (South Korea) signed a memorandum of understanding for collaborating on research, development, installation and technology transfer of solar-powered charging stations for the new generation of electric vehicles.

The parties introduced the development situation of the Japanese company and the Institute of Civil Engineering

Mr. Takayoshi Hirao – Representative of Goda Company shared insights into the company's development situation

Japan is a pioneering nation in the field of construction with many large corporations and enterprises operating globally. However, there is a shortage of direct labor in this field in Japan. Recently, many Japanese enterprises have been seeking human resources from Vietnam. According to the signed cooperation agreement, the Institute of Civil Engineering will support and connect to supply human resources for several construction companies affiliated with B.S.O Limited Liability Company, and other construction enterprises.

Both parties have signed a cooperative agreement.

At the meeting, the Ippan Zaidan also pledged to provide free guidance sessions, sharing knowledge, experience and specialized skills of Japanese people working in the Construction field by Japanese experts, especially emphasis on professionalism and working spirit to create high quality products that the Japanese have been making.

The Ippan Zaidan Association presented the Institute of Civil Engineering two books on construction techniques and professional communication at construction sites, which are highly professional. With creative ideas, the books have been used visual illustrations and dialogues reminiscent of "comics" and "animations," making them engaging for readers and easy to remember due to vivid images and dialogues.

In addition to the signing of the two documents, the parties sincerely exchanged and shared their respective goals, aiming to establish long-term and effective cooperation directions in the future.

(News & Photos: The Institute of Civil Engineering)


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