UTH and Siemens Pte. Software cooperates to build Industry 4.0 Laboratory

On July 31, 2023, UTH and Siemens Industry Software Pte. Ltd. (Siemens) has signed a memorandum of cooperation to build an Industry 4.0 laboratory with a total investment scale of up to 5 million USD, aimed at promoting the development of teaching and scientific research activities in key sectors such as information technology, telecommunications electronics and automotive engineering.

Through the Research, Development, and Innovation Program, Siemens commits to sponsoring 80% of the total investment budget for UTH, encompassing three crucial categories: software, equipment, and training programs along with experts.

During the working session, Dr. Le Van Vang, UTH’s Vice President, stated: "Investing in science and technology has long been incorporated into UTH's comprehensive development strategy and specific action programs by the leadership. The profound changes in science and technology significantly impact the teaching and learning of technical fields, necessitating the university's continuous renewal and adaptation. Bearing the political responsibility of providing high-quality human resources for the revolutionary transformation of the transportation industry, UTH deeply understands the importance of developing a synchronized training process from theory to practice. Therefore, the collaboration with Siemens to establish an Industry 4.0 laboratory is highly meaningful and necessary, not only for UTH's training activities but also for the sustainable development of Vietnam's transportation industry as a whole. UTH values Siemens' partnership and commits to allocate human resources and technical infrastructure to ensure the project's successful implementation as planned."

The collaboration between the two parties holds the promise of a robust advancement in science and technology at UTH

Siemens representative, Mr. Alex Teo Swee Guan, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Southeast Asia, stated: "Technology is changing the world we live in every day, shaping how we act and think. Personally, building a laboratory is not simply about imparting scientific knowledge to students, as everything can become outdated and replaced in an instant. The core value of the scientific and technological collaboration between Siemens and UTH that I aim for is the application of science and technology to teach students how to think, ignite creativity and curiosity in research, as this is the foundation for guiding the future. Additionally, the trip and collaboration with UTH today have been a very special experience, and I am truly impressed by the people of UTH, their unique mindset, and distinct actions. For this reason, I feel optimistic and confident in the success of this project."


Siemens representative visited UTH's facilities

During the same session, Mr. Vo Hong Ky - Director of Siemens Digital Industries Software at Vietnam, and Ms. Hoang Thi Hai - Director of Siemens Mobility at Vietnam, shared: Siemens has diverse experience across various technical disciplines, extending beyond data science, information technology, and automotive mechanics. Through this opportunity, Siemens anticipates that this is just the beginning. In the future, Siemens hopes that UTH will collaborate in researching and developing fields that are the distinctive strengths of the university, such as logistics or metro railways.

(News & Photos: The Science & International Cooperation Department)


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