Nguyen Duy Quoc Thai (Maritime Academy, UT-HCMC) was awarded for strong-willed student in the 17th KOVA Scholarship Awards in 2019

KOVA's Scholarship Awards are for great efforts for community of KOVA Paint Group, which was found by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hoe – Chairman of KOVA Paint Group in 2002. Over the past 16 years, KOVA Scholarship Awards have searched, honored and supported for typical examples in various fields, with 4 main categories: Creative Ideas: For beneficial and applied research to the community. Beautiful Living: For humunistic amd good deeds, and inspiration. Prospects: For supporting excellent and strong-willed students with prospective scientific research.

Nguyen Duy Quoc Thai is one of three students was submited record to the tournament by UT-HCMC and also one of 132 students nationwide awarded Kova Award 2019. Nguyen Duy Quoc Thai is an active, positive, and progressive student. He has been constantly searching, learning, and achieved great achievements in the learning process at the university over the past years.

In academic research, Nguyen Duy Quoc Thai has achieved good results in the Creative Youth Competition "Green Transport" in 2018, with the research topic “Solution monitoring and automatic alert at intersections between railway and road”. In addition, Thai has been also participating in academic club of Electronic and Electrical Engineering to learn, exchange and develop himself ability and knowledge.

In terms of movement, Thai always participates in actively the activities of UT-HCMC, Faculty and the Union – Association with an enthusiastic and willing attitude to care and help many people.

Kova Award encourages, motivates poor students to overcome difficulties and study well and students with a passion for scientific research, and cultivates young talent to contribute to society and country.


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