Multidisciplinary Engineering Research Group for Excellence (MERGE) of Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport: Enhancing the quality of scientific research for officials, young lecturers and students

With the goal of improving the quality of teaching by applying new scientific knowledge to the teaching and practical results to equip practice skills, Multidisciplinary Engineering Research Group for Excellence (MERGE) was established and has been approaching a professional model on data computation, simulation and analysis techniques in Vietnam and in the world.

UT-HCMC’s MERGE consists of 16 members who are Doctors of Science (including 01 Prof., Dr. and 01 Assoc. Prof. Dr.). The team leader is Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung, Director of the CIRTech Institute (HUTECH) who is the only one in Vietnam for 5 consecutive years honored in the list of 2000 scientists world Highly Cited Researchers (HCR). In addition, the group has collaborators from the developed countries in the world.

The members promote scientific research and new technologies, new product testing, technical solutions and invention. Moreover, the group is orientated to promote scientific research towards new trends (including integrating machine learning algorithms to solve engineering problems) and publish the results of scientific research in the various forms, such as research topics at national level, international journals of the ISI index (priority posted in Q1, Q2), the invention.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung and some members of the MERGE at the first meeting

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung, Prof. Vuong Thanh Son (Overseas Vietnamese in Canada) and the team at the first meeting

Representatives from the Department of Science and Technology under Ministry of Transport visited and worked with the MERGE

The MERGE has been paying more attention to build, develop key research teams, young researchers, good, dynamic, professional postgraduates have solid research capability, dynamic and professional, complete the finished products according to orders or in combination with the enterprises; collaborate with companies, agencies, organizations, entrepreneurs, scientists at local and international level. The MERGE has been planing to develop each year. However, the group has 04 scientific research at state level approved in 2020 which is a considerable achievement marked a great turning point in the developing of science and technology of the University.

Besides enhancing the academic science, publishing many international journals, the MERGE also focuses on projects, highly applied scientific research topics which is an important bridge according to triangle connection of Researchers, Government and Enterprises.


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