Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport: 33 years of aspirations for reaching the new heights and integration

On May 18th, 1988, the Ministry of Transport and the Post Office signed a Decision to establish an in-service training and fostering center in Transport sector in Ho Chi Minh City. This was an important milestone for the process of establishment and development of Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC).

33 years - a solidarity process, persisting, overcoming difficulties of many generations to transform UT-HCMC into a high-quality human resource training center for the domestic and international transport sector.

The journey of 33 years of establishment and development

33 years – journey and aspirations

With the policy of affirming prestige and brand with the quality of training, learning and practicing go hand in hand, aiming at training with the fact and the need to use human resources of society, UT-HCMC has been paying more attention to invest in facilities, developing an updated and modern training program, recruiting good officials and lecturers and constructing a professional, modern and dynamic learning environment to help learners to develop comprehensively.

Currently, UT-HCMC has more than 600 officials, lecturers and staff, as well as 15,000 students working and learning in 02 campuses in Ho Chi Minh City, 01 campus in Thu Duc City and 01 campus in Vung Tau, Dong Nai. At the level of regular university training, the school has 17 subjects with more than 30 majors which are enrolled on a domestic and international scale with key levels and majors such as Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Mechanical, Automotive, Information Technology, telecommunications - electronics, maritime, etc.

The facilities are becoming more and more spacious and modern

Under the leadership the Party Committee, the University Council, the Board of Presidents, UT-HCMC continues to make positive changes in all activities and has made outstanding achievements in training, scientific research, cadres organization, international cooperation, facilities construction, etc. UT-HCMC’s lecturers have a wide range of scientific and technical topics on national and ministry level, and students have excelled in national and international competitions such as Skills, Eureka of Ho Chi Minh City, and the Olympiad.

UT-HCMC’s lecturers have a long list of excellent achievements in both teaching and scientific research

UT-HCMC’s students have received numerous outstanding prizes in national and international academic competitions

In particular, UT-HCMC has implemented the Party Committee and the University Council structures in accordance with the processes which were important events, meeting the expectations of UT-HCMC’s officials, lecturers and staff; and contributing to UT-HCMC’s development, as well as the cause of education and training human resources for Transport sector and the country in the future.

The Central Committee of the Party for 2020 - 2025

Solidarity - Humanity - Quality - Creativity - Integration

UT-HCMC, at the age of 34, is confronted with numerous opportunities and challenges. These are the consequences of current rules and regulations; the effects of old, subsidized and enforced thought. The old management model's stagnation is the result of objective and subjective factors that have pushed UT-HCMC into its most challenging circumstances in the last 33 years. In particular, the Covid-19 epidemic has had a devastating impact on all facets of social life. Especially, the income of officials, lecturers and staff has been drastically reduced.

Despite the tremendous difficulties, UT-HCMC’s officials, lecturers and staff have determined that this is merely a minor obstacle among many. More importantly, we must join hands and share together to overcome this difficult time.

The year 2021 will be one of the most advantageous. This is the first year that the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress has been put into effect. For the Education and Training industry, there are a number of significant factors to consider. In particular, university autonomy is an inevitable trend that will boost initiative and flexibility across the fields, from training to scientific research to organizing infrastructure, personnel, finances, etc.

With a 33-year tradition of establishment and development, thanks to a team of officials and lecturers who are eager to learn, understand the application of science and technology, and acquire new and rapid advances in the world to be able to apply well in educating and training, UT-HCMC will be able to quickly overcome the current difficult period. The lifestyles of the officials, lecturers and staff will undoubtedly improve in the future.

On behalf of UT-HCMC’s Board of Presidents, I would like to express my sincere and deep gratitude to all officials, lecturers, staff and students for enthusiasm, creativity and determination in completing the university’s teaching, learning and other activities in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic’s massive impact.

Based on belief, pride of UT-HCMC’s honorable tradition and determination, all officials, lecturers, staff and students will always endeavor to lift the school to a new and considerable height in the next 5 years in the framework of the country's educational reform and the impact of the fourth Industrial Revolution have begun in all areas of life.

On this special occasion, I would really like to wish generations of UT-HCMC’s officials, lecturers, staff and students good health, happiness and success in their efforts to further the dramatic reform process in Transport sector and economic growth during the integration period.

Sincerely thanks and best regards.

                                                                                              DEPUTY SECRETARY OF THE PARTY COMMITTEE, ACTING PRESIDENT

                                                                                                                           Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Phuong


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