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In order to meet the mission of training and providing high quality human resources for transport sector, Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport always focuses on developing relationships with businesses in transport sector.
On December 15, 2020, the Open Day and Graduation Ceremony of vocational training program was organized by Delegate of German Industry and Trade in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport and international companies in the field of Freight Forwarding and Logistics.
On December 16, 2020, the representatives of Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba Hoang - Vice President in charge of UT-HCMC and Glodon Vietnam, Mr. Kevin Zhang - Director signed a MOU on research cooperation and technology implementation.
The teachers are honored as "soul engineers". “Teaching is the noblest of the noble professions, the most creative of creative jobs because it shapes creative people." On the morning of November 20th, 2020, Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC) ceremonially celebrated the 38th Anniversary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (20/11/1982 – 20/11/2020).
On October 22, 2020, International Education and Cooperation Institute (IEC) under Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC) held the Opening Ceremony of the Master Training Program on International Shipping and Logistics in 2020. Attending to the ceremony were representatives of UT-HCMC: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba Hoang, Vice president in charge of UT-HCMC, Dr. Nguyen Tien Thuy, Director of IEC, and IEC’s lecturers), enterprises: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nha, General Director of TANCANG- STC Human Resources Company Limited and many units and new postgraduates of the Program.
The National Skills Competition 2020 organized from September 28 to October 10, 2020 with the participation of 491 teams. Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC) had 09 students participated with the subjects: Web design and development, Mechanical engineering design - Computer aided design (CAD), IT software solutions, Automotive technology.
This year's annual meeting was hosted through online video conference by the ASEAN Secretariat with the participation of representatives of the countries. Vietnam delegation led by Mr. Tran Vietnam Ha, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Transport.
With the goal of improving the quality of teaching by applying new scientific knowledge to the teaching and practical results to equip practice skills, Multidisciplinary Engineering Research Group for Excellence (MERGE) was established and has been approaching a professional model on data computation, simulation and analysis techniques in Vietnam and in the world.
To strengthen cooperation between Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC) and Nippon Koei Vietnam - Japan’s No.1 International Engineering Consultant, the two sides co-organized a sightseeing trip to some the urban railways construction of Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien Section (Metro Line No.1) for UT-HCMC’s officials and lecturers.
Nowadays, technology has been developing and becoming widespread quickly. However, in the economic and political context has been fluctuating dramatically in the world and the region by Covid-19 pandemic. Enterprises and state departments, research and training units need to understand the current context of Viet Nam economy, opportunities and challenges in order to have good strategies for developing sustainably. Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC) held the Dialogue on "Vietnam Economy in the current context: Opportunities and Challenges" presented by Keynote Speaker Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Thien, Director of Vietnam Economic Institute, a member of the National Financial and Monetary Policy Advisory Council.


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