Institute for Environmental and Transport Studies

I. Functions and tasks

1. Scientific research in environment and transport sectors:

- Proposing the issues about the plans, strategies to develop the tranport, safety traffic, and environment;

- Researching the clean and clear fuels that are friendly to the environment;

- Implementing the environmental cleaning systems.

2. Counseling and transfering technology:

- Implementing the production;

- Counseling in creating the investing project and carrying out the technical design – construction;

- Counseling for carrying out the bids in providing the equipments in environment and transport sectors;

- Evaluating the effects to the environment of the projects in the transport sector;

- Counseling for the projects in the environment and transport sectors;

- Counseling, supersiving, assessing the projects in the transport sector;

- Counseling for carrying out the bids relating to the safety traffic and environment protection;

- Signing and implementing the collaborative contracts in scientific research, technology transfer with the domestic and international organizations in accordance with the regulations of the government.

3. Training  – communicating in the environment and transport:

- Training, upgrading and practicing the advances in technology and science, technology transfer to the production, exploting and investing in the environment and transport sectors;

- Organizing the training courses in environment major;

- Holding and attending the scientific seminars discussing the issues of environment and transport;

- Propagandizing the issues of protecting environment and safety traffic;

- Training and upgrading the knowledge, administrative qualifications about science and technology, technology transfer in the transport sector.

II. Staff

1/ PhD. Pham Thi Anh             Director

2/ Nguyen Thi Bao Ngoc         Officer

3/ Le Thi My Sen Den              Officer

4/ PhD. Mai Thi Hai Ha           Officer

5/ MA. Nguyen Thi Cat Tuong Officer