Center of Educational Testing Service and Quality Assessment


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 I. Functions

 The center of Educational Testing Service and Quality Assessment acts as an advisor to  the board of managers on testing and quality related activities. All the center’s staff have  taken a lot of efforts to fulfill their tasks namely managing setting test-bank, doing exams  and grading exams, cooperating with other faculties and departments in building the test- banks for all types of subjects, renewing the testing system in order to meet the requirements of the MoET, and assessing student’s results in all campuses.

 II. Tasks

1) Educational Testing Service

The center of Educational Testing Service and Quality Assessment acts as a counsellor fro the Board of Directors in choosing the exam methods and prepare the tests for all the subjects; instructing to related individuals and departments about the exam doing processes, teaching results;

Setting and proposing to the President all the documents instructing the educational testing service procedure; administrating the implementation of all the regulations about the testing service;

Periodically reporting to the President the performances of educational testing service; proposing other innovative solutions in testing, examining and evaluating the learning results in all majors and levels to improve the training quality;

Cooperating with other faculties and departments, do exams and grade exams  in accordance with the current regulations;

Cooperating with other faculties and departments to set up the test bank for each subject; administrating, copying and delivering the tests following the procedure; assigning the staff to supervise the exams and grade the exams;

Carrying out the issues of storing and keeping the tests in secret; handling over the problems such as reexamming...;

Applying the information technology advances to the exam texting, grading and evaluating.

2) Quality Assessment

Planning the training quality self-assessment in phases; carrying out and checking all these assessments;

Designing and proposing to the President for approval the policies, targets, solutions, source conditions of the quality assessment; carrying out and supervising the issued regulations;

Administrating and maintaining the data base, getting ready for the external assessment og the university;

Applying the science and technology advances to the training quality assessment;

Coordinating with other organizations and individuals to organize the quality assessment activities;

Coordinating with professional units to evaluate the training quality, collect the responses about the training quality of the companies and former students;

Carrying out the scientific research to serve the training quality assessment.

III. Staff:

1. Nguyen Van Trung                             - Director

2. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao                - Officer

3. Nguyen Hong Quan                          - Officer

4. Le Hoai Linh                                       - Officer

5. Dao Phan Cam Tu                             - Officer