Science and technology achievements in Ho Chi Minh city University of transport

Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC) has always considered activities of scientific research and technology the essential core to improve the training quality. With the devoted, active and experienced teaching staff, through the years, many national, ministerial scientific research topics have been implemented and applied. The process of information technology, scientific research promotion and technology transfer has been strengthened to enhance the training quality and support the enterprises as well as the local authorities in applying the advanced sciences to the practice. UT-HCMC has gained certain achievements in the activities of scientific research and techlonogy transfer.

The Prime Minister visited the Metro model Route I

In the 2013-2014 academic school year, UT-HCMC has implemented 02 projects belonging to the national target programs which were “Dealing with climate change” and “Using the energy economically and effectively”; 05 ministerial scientific research topics; 35 institutional scientific research topics. UT-HCMC has successfully got the budget for 01 projects belonging to the national target programs about climate change, 01 ministerial project about environmental protection, 01 ministerial scientific research topic. 35 institutional scientific research topics have been approved. UT-HCMC has checked and taken over 2 projects belonging to the national target programs which were “Dealing with climate change” and “Using the energy economically and effectively”. Also, UT-HCMC has checked and taken over 2 ministerial scientific research topics; 11 institutional scientific research topics, published 6 volumes of Transport Science and Technology Journal, created and published the regulations in innovative ideas. The international project in building the virtual platform for the maritime training hosted by UT-HCMC has been checked and taken over, highely appreciated by the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) and under the process of implementation. The major themes of these scientific research are to find the solutions for the important issues in teaching and learning process in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby locations.

The team of UT-HCMC won the prize in the mechanical Olympic Competition

The active and dynamic characteristics of the faculties has been promoted in the activities of scientific research,  making contributions to the improvement of lecturers’ qualifications, linking the scientific research with the teaching activity of graduate and postgraduate levels.

In order to foster and discover new young talents, UT-HCMC has paid much attention to the scientific research among students. Since 2006, the scientific research activities among students have been strengthened with more than 500 scientific research topics. The quantity and quality of these topics are gradually upgraded. Students of the university have got many achievements in the contests such as:  Math and Information Technology Olympic contest, national mechanics competition, ministerial and national skills competitions, Robocon contest, Robocon Tech show, Eureka contest, contest about Marxism–Leninism.

The scientific research activities among students have been taken care of by the Youth Union and Students’ Association. The two units have organized many contests, seminars, scientific forums. For instance, the contest “Creative Ideas of the studens in UT-HCMC” debuted firstly in school year 2011 - 2012 has attracted many participations from students. There were more than 50 ideas many of which have been highly appreciated and put into practice. These ideas have been presented in higher scientific research contests such as” VIFOTEC, EUREKA and the contest “Creation of the youth of Ho Chi Minh City”. UT-HCMC has published the Decision No. 63/QĐ-ĐHGTVT March 9th, 2010 about the Regulations of the scientific research activities among students and directed all the units, departments, divisions as well as the Youth Union and the Students’ Association to guide the students and carry out these activities.

Beside the regular academic activities, the administrative staff and teaching staff in the university have usually participated in many international research collaboration (for instance) in the Asian – Pacific region such as scientific seminars, presentations, scientific and technological applying activities... All of the above activities have help the university improve its reputation and status, especially in the scientific research and technology transfer activities.

In addition, UT-HCMC has signed many agreements with many partners including Vietxopetro, PTSC, Cai Mep Port, waterway transport improvement project, Eastern South region và Mekong Delta,…in technology transfer and other services such as design counselling, technical services, trial production... To promote the information about science and technology, especially in the transport sector, UT-HCMC has quarterlly issued 1 volume of Transport Science and Technology Journal. The journal was given the international registration and was approved by the Committee of state professors. The quantitty and quality of the articles in the journals have been rapidly upgraded. The journal has been gradually becoming the trustful forum in the transport and training sector. The journal has included many articles from national and international scholars;

UT-HCMC has always encouraged scholars in the university to write articles for the journal and hold many scientific and technological seminar in the departmental and institutional levels.

The activity of compiling, selecting, evaluating and approving teaching materials, lecturers, references used in the teaching, researching affairs have always been paid attention by the university.

During many years, there have been more than 60 textbooks, 45 lesson plans and 10 referen book titles compiled by teaching and researching staff in Ut-HCMC. The process of checking, examining, taking over has been implemented properly. In 2012, UT-HCMC enforced the Decision No. 734/QĐ-ĐHGTVTHCM dated October 23rd, 2012 of the President of the university about the regulations in compiling, selecting, checking and using the curriculum.

The activities of science and technology have connected the UT-HCMC with the society; made many important contributions to make the university become the top center of scientific research and maritime training in Southern Viet Nam; improving the graduate and postgraduate training quality.

The technological and scientific research activities have maded great contributions to the building facilities for the companies, centers, labs, institutes and the entire university; improved the living standard of the involved individuals;

The scientific research activities have promoted the learning process of students in the university, improved the training quality and provided students with creative, independant qualifications.The activities of promoting the information about science and technology have been successfully carried out, making these activites become popular among scholars and students; The materials, textbooks and references have met the requirementsfrom teaching staff, candidates in post-graduate and students.

Science and technology operation orientations in the phase of 2013-2018

Implementing Resolution No. 20-NQ/TW dated October 31st, 2012 of the 6th Central Committee in Term XI in developing technology and science to meet the demand of industrialization and modernization in socialist-oriented market economy; in accordance with the Higher Education Law No. 08/2012/QH13 dated June 18th , 2012 ...and the orientations and missions in the “Long term development plan in 2010-2020 and the visions toward 2030” set up by the university. In 5 more years, the operations of science and technogy will focus on the following directions:

  Renovating and fostering the activities of technology and science research;

  Adhering the scientific research with the graduate and postgradute training. Gathering all the resources to carry out successfully all the essential issues in the science and technology, especially the science and technology in the transport sector, dealing with the climate change in the transport sector...

  Strongly investing to the experimental labs, institutes, center of technological and scientific research;

  Efficiently exploiting the libraries in 3 campuses; spesding up in establishing the Ceter of Information and digital library to serve the readers better;

  Maintaining and continuing the quality of the Transport Science and Technology Journal. Ensuring the number of volumes of the journal (4-6 vol/year).

  Uprading the administration of the technology and science research topis; Quickly announcing the Regulations of the scientific research activities in the universiy; applying advenced technology in managing and building the database for the scientific research activities;

  Enhancing the international collaborations in technology, science and training; taking advantages from foreign support in scientific and technological research and collaboration;

  Strengthening the scientific research activities among students; Striving to promote these activities to all the aspects of the students’ lives; quickly announcing the Regulations of the scientific research activities among students in accordance with the Cercular No. 19/2012/TT-BGDĐT dated June 1st, 2012 of the Minister of Ministry of Education and Training.