Project Management Unit

Tel(08) 35 121 064

 I. Funtions

 Project Management Unit is responsible for assisting the university’s board of managers in  administrating all the constructions projects, construction plans, construction’s quality.

II. Tasks

Creating the land using plan in accordance with the current requirements and long-term development plan of the university;

Coordinating with the Equipment Management Department to administrate the land, together with other relevant departments to solve the issues about land using violations;

Being delegated by the President, Project Management Unit shall work with the authorities in higher levels as well as other organizations to handle the land using issues;

Administrating the records and documents about the land and buildings of the university;

Building the project in constructing the new buildings and renovating the old ones;

Coordinating with the Finance Department to administrate the basic building budget and other procedures relating to payments of the construcitons in accordance with the regulations of Vietnamese government;

Organizing the activities of cheking and taking over the buildings.

III. Staff

1. MSc. Mai Hong Ha                   Manager

2. Nguyen Thi Hoai Thu                Officer

3. Hoang Trong Hiep                     Officer

4. Nguyễn Văn Minh                     Officer