Function - Duties

(Extracted from Decision No.1972/ 2001/ QÐ –BGTVT, dated June 22nd, 2001 of Minister of Ministry of Transport)

Article 1 : Tranfering all the belongings which includes organization, staff, campuses, property, the branch of Maritime University (a tertiary of Maritime University) to Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport.

Article 2 : Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (hereinafter referred to as UT-HCMC), a tertiary training institution under the MOT, has the following responsibilities and rights:

1. Providing undergraduate and postgraduate programs (with authority approval), as well as college programs for transport sectors and other relevant sectors;

2. Making long-term plans, 5-year plans and annual plans for educating scientific and technical staffs and experts in fields of maritime, road, railway, inland waterway, civil aviation, and so on;

3. Building educational programs, academic calendar basing on the framework program iss ued by the MOET. Organizing compilation, review and evaluation of curriculums, teaching and learning materials at the University;

4. Organizing entrance exams under the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET);

5. Conducting educational activities within the industry, the level of training, the enrollment total and training methods assigned by the MOET; Organizing exams, recognizing and distributing diplomas for those graduated, in accordance with the regulations of the MOET.

Regularly improving objectives, contents, and teaching methods for the purpose of meeting the increasing requirements of the industrialization and modernization in transport sectors as well as regional and international integration;

6. Organizing training and re-training to improve professional qualifications of staffs and lecturers of the University as well as of personel in transport sector in general;

7. Organizing classes to update knowledge, improve qualification of crews and offer certificates under the regulations of the international conventions, by IMO;

8. Organizing and implementing of research programs, projects, science and technology application, technology and information transfer, consulting services, technology, and scientific services;

9. Cooperating, venturing, and associating with national and international organizations about training, scientific research, implementing scientific projects in applying new technologies, and projects to improve teaching staffs’ qualification, enhance facilities; Hold international conferences, seminars, and exhibitions legally.

10. Asking the competent authorities to establish or directly establishing and managing the university’s organizations; Asking the competent authorities to appoint officials and titles at government level; appointing officials, receiving civil servants and officials under the Government regulations and decentralization of the MOT;

11. Managing of funds; making and implementing the plan of revenue and expenditures; managing legally the university’s facilities and equipment;

12. Having entitlements of a university according to current regulations;

13. Organizing the inspection of the university’ activities and performing other duties as prescribed by law.