Faculty of transport economics

1/ Introduction

Vietnam, our country, has 3,260 kilometers of coastline with advantageous geographical and natural conditions for developing sea transport and sea foreign trade. Transport economics does research on operations and production of sea transport, and proposes methods for organizing, exploiting and trading effectively in sea transport in order to gain profits and foreign currency for our country.

For those reasons, the Faculty Of Transport Economics was one of the earliest Faculties that were established in Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport. The Faculty Of Transport Economics that used to be the Faculty of Sea Transport Economics and Exploitation is responsible for providing undergraduates and postgraduates who specialise in managing, doing business and exploiting the transport including sea transport, waterway transport and construction management.

Graduates can find the career opportunities in the sea transport companies, ports, maritime agency companies, import-export good distribution and other fields relating to economics, foreign trade, accounting, production administration, project assessment....

After years, the students from, the Faculty Of Transport Economics have attained many achievements in academic studying and other Olympic contests.

After graduation, many graduates have become candidates in post-studying in UK, Japan, America, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, Thai Lan,...Some of them have successfully become the top students in International Maritime Switzerland.

The academic learning and teaching results in the faculty has made great contributions to the economic development, met the demands of the economic intergration and the requirements of the university.

2. Organizational Structure

3/ Training majors and levels

Transport Economics [Major code D840104, Sea Transport Economics specialized major]:  Engineer graduates can expect more career options in shipping broker, firms or organizations relating to sea transport, seaborne trade agents, multi-modal transport agents, enterprises exporting and importing goods by sea, ports and various government organizations.

Construction Economics [Major code D580301]:  including:

Construction Economics specialized major: Graduates from the Construction Economics major can seek for career choices in construction transport sector. Our graduates are in great demand in such positions as project managers, building contractors, property valuers, developers, financial institutions and quantity surveying practices in the building environment.

Construction project management major: Graduates from this major can be able to manage and oprerate the construction projects; set up and evaluate the investment projects; manage the budget in construction...

Transport exploitation major [Major code D840101, Logistics and Multi-modal transport specialized major]: Graduates can seek for job opportunities in management positions. They can work in the service companies specializing in logistics and multi-modal transport, Companies with functions of organizing, managing, producing and constructing transport.

4/ Scientific research and technology transfer activities

After many school years, there have been 32 research topics applied in the companies and sea ports as well as 48 scientific research topics of the students that achieved high prizes in several contests.

5/ Contact

Tel: Office of the Faculty: 38980310

Add: 3rd floor, Block D, Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (No.2, D3 Street, Van Thanh Bac, Binh Thanh District, HCMC).