Dormitory Administration Unit

Tel: (08) 37408853 

  I. Functions

 The Dormitory Administration Unit is responsible for administrating the whole  dormitory, the accommodations, living and learning conditions of the students. The  purpose is to make the dormitory an active, healthy and good training environment.

II. Tasks

Instructing and implementing the regulations about the dormitory and the students living in there;

Planning to use, equip and add new equipments to serve the activities of the administrative staff and students;

Welcoming the students, aggranging the accommodations and other affairs for them; making the list of the students living in dormitory to report to the Political Affairs and Student Services Department; Department of Personnel and Administration; administrating the students in accordance with the current regulatios;

Arranging the security guards to protect the dormitory 24/24; administrating and maintaining the sanitation of the dormitory;

Administrating the land, offices and other properties in the area of dormitory; Coordinating with the local authorities and gorvenment to promptly handle any issues;

Administrating the resident contracts as well as the temporary resident contracts fro students;

Proposing the renting fees as well as managing this budget;

Providing meals and and other services to the students;

Coordinating with the Political Affairs and Student Services Department, The Youth Union, Student’s Association to hold entertaining extra activities relating to music performances, sports...

Coordinating with other advisory departments to administrate the teaching and practicing affairs in the dormitory.

III. Staff:

1/ Le Anh Hung                       Head

2/ Dang Xuan Chin                  

3/ Nguyen Van Cuong             

4/ Doan Thi Hang                   

5/ Nguyen Thi Tu Nuong          

6/ Thai Ba Kiem                       

7/ Nguyen Tuan Phong             

8/ Trinh Ngoc Thao                 

9/ Dang Thi Thuong                 

10/ Luong Thi Chuyen                        

11/ Nguyen Thi Thu