Department of International Relations

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 International Relations Department is the important contact-point to link the UT-HCMC’s  activities with the international integration.

The Department has been focusing on improving the working environment with the orientations of dynamic and active characteristics. The staff in this Department have had a profound knowledge in many fields such as: project management, business administration, economics, international knowledge, foreign languages, translation... This is one of the advantages to help the Department enhance the working quality, promote the reputation of UT-HCMC.

I. Functions

The International Relations Department acts as a counsellor for the President in the foreign affairs and designing the international integration strategy of the university.

II. Duties

- Proposing to the President many important stragetic plans in strengthening the international realations; create the short and long term collaboration plans.

- Establishing and managing the projects and support programs in training, scientific research, facility and officials improvements; counselling for the President in implementing suitable measurements to establish and strengthen the national and international relations;

- Under the supervisor of the President, directly contacting with the partners to establish the collaborative relations; coordinating with the relevant units in the university to prepare all the necessary documents and procedures in negotiation and contract signing;

- Coordinating with the authorities to carry out the international relation activities in the university;

- Creating the detail plans for the quarterly and yearly visits of national and international delegations and presenting to the President of the university, management Ministries for approval; coordinating with the relevant units in the university to prepare all the necessary documents, procedures and other matters to ensure the fine operations of these delegations;

- Facilitating the progress of business trips of officials and lecturers in UT-HCMC such as passport, visa...

- Instructing and supervising other units in carrying out the foreign affairs and the international relation implementations;

- Coordinating with other relevant departments in organizing the international seminars in UT-HCMC.