Department of Student Affairs

1. Functions:

The political affairs & student services department is responsible for disseminating the political thoughts and ideology to all the university’s students and lecturers with the aim of complying with Vietnam’s Communist Party’s political policies and guidelines, and managing students and providing them support and consultation on their studies, research and student’s life.

2. Responsibilities:

a.  Politics-thoughts:

• Organizing training courses on politics education, civil education, Vietnam’s Communist party’s revolutions and the Government’s laws and policies for all the staff and students under the guidelines of the Board of Presidents and Party Committee;

• Organizing seminars on current national and international affairs complying with the orientation of Vietnam’s Government and the University’s regulations;

• Grasping the political thoughts and ideas of lecturers, staff and students, timely proposing the suitable disseminating methods and disseminating the policies and guidelines of the Party, the government and the university to all the staff and students;

• Following up the mass media’s news on the university, reporting to the board of managers and timely proposing of resolving methods;

• Coordinating with the Labor Union, Youth Union and other political -social organizations in celebrating the great national and international anniversaries with the aim of educating the officers, lecturers and students on the university’s revolutionary ideology and traditions;

• Enhancing the students’ awareness of the communist party and proposing the best ways for them to strive to become a communist member.

b. Student Management:

• Being in charge of and coordinating with the related departments and faculties in receiving new students;

• Organizing the political training activities at the beginning of each school year, at the beginning of the course and the end of the course, disseminating the regulations on managing boarding students and day-students; assessing the students’ training performance;

• Advising the President on executing the regulations  relating to  scholarship programs, tuition fee remission, social pension and other benefits, and carrying out  the policies and regulations on managing exchanged students studying at the university;

• Reckoning up and periodically making reports on the student affairs;

• Coordinating with the faculties in carrying out the management of the students at class and university levels;

• Coordinating with the academic affairs department and faculties  in carrying out the form-teachers and course advisers’ roles in accordance with the university’s regulations;

• Coordinating with the dormitory management unit in managing boarders under the related regulations;

• Coordinating with the faculties, youth union, student association and local authorities in managing and accessing the performance of both boarding students and day-ones;

• Coordinating with the local authorities in making plans for political security and social order & security in the area where the university’s campus is located, handling the cases of students who violate the regulations as well as instructing the students in complying with the university’s regulations;

• Issuing any documents relating to students services within the competence;

• Advising the president on the reward and discipline for the students;  providing consultation on organizing the emulation board  with the aim of praising students who have achieved excellent results in studying, scientific research and youth union movements, and handling those who violate the laws and the university’s regulations;

• Coordinating with the youth union and student association in organizing movements in culture, arts and sports, and social & volunteering activities;

• Collaborating with relevant units in hosting the Olympic contest, profession contests and also selecting excellent students for the contests at different levels;

• Collaborating with the enterprise relationships and student support Center in holding  relevant events for students;

• Carrying out a survey of fresh graduates’ job situation and enterprises’ recruitment needs and collecting former students’ suggestions on the university’s education activities;

• Providing consultation on jobs, psychology, social issues for students