Department of science –technology, research and development

1. Functions

Belonging to Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, the Department of Science – Technology, Research and Development acts as an advisor to the President about scientific and technological activities including researching, implementing all the results of the research in the activities of teaching, learning, scientific research, upgrading the qualifications of the staff, undergraduate and postgraduate affairs in the university.

2. Duties

2.1. Science - Technology

Acting as an advisor to the President about the science management policies and regulations in the university;

Acting as an advisor to the President about designing and implementing the science – technology development policies in the university, creating the science – technology relations with internal and external units;

Creating the facility construction plan used in the scientific research in according with the policies of the university;

Acting as an advisor to the President about the contracts and agreements focusing on science, technology and production;

Supervising, evaluating, examining and carrying out all the procedures relating to the thesises and projects of units and individuals; holding the meetings to evaluate and proposing awarss to the invetions, improvement discoveries and other achievements in the scientce and technology;

Holding many institutional scientific seminars, supporting other units in organizing the science and technology activities; editing the Transport science – technology Journal;

Coordinating with the Department of Personnel Administration and the Department of Planning – Finance in organizing and managing all the units participating in scientific research activities; Designing the regulations about the budget management;

Designing and managing the information system about science and technology activities; Administrating the information, scientific materials, invention pattents; publishing the journals, magazines, publications and other marerials used in the training, research and technology development affairs;

Administrating, supervising and making periodical reports to the Managing Board and the relevant Ministries;

Coordinating with the Center of Data and IT to create the database storing the research results.

2.2. Research and development

Acting as an advisor to the President in designing the development plan, long-term and short-term operation plans about the scientific research activities;

Designing and implementing the scientific research activities of the units, reseach teams and individuals;

Researching carefully the theoretical and practical issues of the thesises, projects specializing in the transport sector. The purposes are to support the development of the university in particular, the transport sector in general;

Participating in compiling the textbooks and materials for teaching;

Participating in evaluating the quality of the research projects and training quality;

Building the research staff who have exellent qualifications and are devoted to the university;

Collaborating with the national and international organizations, units and individuals in providing the services about counselling, research, training, upgrading qualifications and transfering the technology;

Carrrying out the services in science – technology relating to the transport sector;  (training, supervising, assessing and transfering the technology and science, giving information, holding the wirkshops and seminar, designing the standards, collaborating with the companies);

Making periodical and sudden reports required by the President and the authorities in accordance with the regulations of the government;

Carrying out other duties assigned by the President.       

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