Department of Quality Management


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Inspector  Camp. 1: 028-38982976

Inspector Camp.  3: 028-38837811  

 I. Functions

 The department of education inspection is responsible for advising the President on the  inspection within the President’s competence with the aim of complying with the laws and  fulfilling the university’s functions and responsibilities on the base of ensuring the legal interest  of the government, individuals, units and the university

  II. Responsibilities:

 - Handling the complaints and denouncements relating to the university’s education activities  pursuant to Vietnam’s related laws and receiving civics;

- Inspecting the implementation of educational policies and laws; inspecting the implementation of the educational objectives, plans, programs, contents, methods and regulations, examination regulations, and certification regulations; inspecting the implementation of the regulations on curriculums, lectures, financial management, properties, technological science, personnel administration and other activities in order to ensure the quality of education;

- Carrying out the task of being against corruptions in the field of education in accordance with the related regulations;

- Reporting on and summarizing practical experience in inspection work; proposing measures to ensure the fulfillment of educational laws; proposing modifications to the current educational regulations;

- Performing other tasks relating to the monitoring and inspection assigned by the President.