Department of Human Resources & Administration


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Health care service: (028) 35120310

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  I. Functions

 The Department of Personnel and Administration is responsible for assisting the    President in handling the issues about personnels, administration, secutiry and health    care in the university.

 II. Tasks

 1. Organizational Structure Section

 Basing oneself on the duties, training targets of Ho Chi Minh City University and  regulations about the tasks, organizational structures of all the universities administrated by the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Education and Training, the Department of Personnel and Administration shall create the organizational structure of the university; create the functions and tasks of all the departments; create the regulations about the working and coordinations of the departments in the university;

Studying and comprehending all the personnel policies of Vietnamese Communist Party and Vietnamese Government in all the periods; proposing to the President all the issues about personnel ; perfoming the recruitment, staff training, performance appraisal review and processing; organizing the official tests;

Carrying out the procedures of planning, appointing and dismissing officials;

Performing the procedure of emulation, rewards, punishments and other related problems;

Administrating the employees, salary policy and labor security;

Coordinating with other unitt to train, retrain and improve the qualifications of all the employees in the university;

Performing the performance appraisal review and processing;

Administrating the profiles of employees; Coordinating with other units to check and define the profiles of employees if necessary;

Administrating and supervising the implementation of social insurances to all the employees;

2. Administration

Collecting and handling all the administrative work and then, reporting to the President and the authorized organizations when needed;

Wrapping up, planning monthly, quarterly and  yearly administrative work; updating the weekly schedule of all the department on website;

Checking and speeding up the operations of the departments to complete the duties assigned by the President and the Managing Board;

Drafting and issuing all the documents;

Processing and recording carefully and promptly official correspondences; Using and administrating the stamps legally; providing the introduction letters, travel warrants to the officials, lecturers and students; certifying the papers and documents in accordance with the laws;

Daily serving for the meeting and other seminars in the university; meeting the citizens and performing other assigned duties;

Coordinating with other departments in welcoming activities;

Asssiting the President in the service bids in accordance with the laws;

Administrating the coach team of the university.

3. Security section

The security guard team administrated by the Department of Personnel and Administration is responsible for the public order and security of the facilities in the university. The details are:

Planning and implementing the measurements about public order, security; fire fighting an prevention...;

Coordinating with the authorities, organizations from the wards, districts in Ho Chi Minh City to ensure and handle all the issues about the security of the university;

Coordinating with the International Relation Department to ensure the security of the international delegations;

Taking care of the vehicles of all the staff, visitors and guests.

4. Health care section

Health care section which is under the supervision of the Department of Personnel and Administration is responsible for the health care of all the members in the university; carrying out the epidemic prevention. The details are:

Creating, selecting and adminstrating all the medical records and carrying out all the regulations about medical insurances of the students;

Creating, selecting and adminstrating all the medical records and carrying out the periodical medical health check for all the staff, officials and lecturers in the university;

Checking health, purchasing and delivering medicine within the ability of the health care section and the regulations of Ministry of Medicine;

Making the medical reports for the officials, certify and provide the sick leave paper;

Being on watch to promptly deal with the emergency;

Coordinating with relevant units to promote the family planning, eliminate the social evils; build the healthy lives for all the officials, staff, lecturers and students;

Administrating medicine, medical equipments and other properties;

Carrying out the activity of epidemic prevention;

Checking and supervising the environmental, food sanitation; proposing other measurements to ensure the sanitations of university.