Department of Equipment Management

Tel: (08) 3512 0538

 I. Functions

 The Department Of Equipment Management is responsible for assisting the President in using and managing effectively the university’s facilities and equipment, and also purchasing, receiving, repairing and allocating equipment and materials which mainly used for the university’s educating, researching and some other important activities.

II. Responsibilities

Planning and purchasing equipments; maintaining and distributing the equipments to the departments in accordance with the plan approved by the President;

Planning and repairing the offices, vehicles and other equipments used for working and learning purposes;

Creating the regulations about the distributions, using and maintainance of the equipments and other materials;

Coordinating with the Department of Personnel and Administration to organize the service bids;

Coordinating with the Finance Department to audit and check the quality and values of the equipments;

Coordinating with the Project management department to construct and fixing the facilities; Ensuring and administrating the water and electricity supply;

Coordinating with the Academic Department to organize the classrooms, and other facilities;

Coordinating with other units to carry out the fire fighting and prevetion; flood and disaster orevention;

Administrating the classrooms and other equipments; Performing the sanitation activities;

Administrating the swimming pool.

III. Staff

1/ Trinh Xuan Thu                       Head

2/ Nguyen Anh Tuan                  Deputy Head

3/ Do Van Thiem                        Swimming pool manager

4/ Nguyen The Anh                     Officer

5/ Nguyen Dang Dien                 Officer

6/ Vu Van Trinh                          Officer

7/ Le Thi Nga                             Officer

8/ Le Tan Tuynh                         Officer

9/ Vu Van Thanh                        Officer