Department of English

1/ Introduction

In 1991, together with the establishment of the branch of Vietnam Maritime University (at the moment is Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport), the Department of English was established with the core staff including 4 permanent lecturers and 6 visiting lecturers.

Since then, the Department has been continously developing both in quality and quantity.

The Department of English is in charge of teaching the basic and professional English for all the majors in all levels (graduate, post-graduate, inter-college, regular, in-service) with more than 15.000 periods per year.

Beside the English teaching affairs, the Department of English has also participated in:

- Designing the English courses for all the training majors in accordance with the framework from the Ministry of Education and Training. Designing and evaluating the English teaching materials.

- Designing and evaluating the programs as well as the tests in Maritime English and Marine Engineering English of the Ministry of Transport.

- Doing the translations for the university and other comoanies, organizations and units.

- Teaching Maritime English to the learners of Maritime Tranining Center specializing in training and providing maritime human resources to both domestic and international employers.

- Teaching Maritime English to the learners of Maritime Education and Human Resources Center (UT-STC).

- Providing Courses for National Certificates of English for the Center of English and IT.

2/ Scientific reseach and technology transfer activities

- Holding monthly departmental academic meetings to create the opportunities for lecturers to improve and upgrade their professional knowledge.

- Designing and compiling teaching and learning materials for English.

- Holding departmental and institutional conferences. Tổ chức các cuộc hội thảo khoa học cấp khoa, cấp trường. Conducting institutional and departmental English language research projects

- Writing scientific articles for the University's Journal and many seminars.

3/ Contact

Tel: (028) 35120445