The Department of In-Service Training

I. Functions

The Department of In-Service Training acts as a counsellor for the President in managing all teaching and learning activities of in-service courses following the training programs of the university and the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Trainning.

II. Tasks

- The main duty of the Department of In-Service Training is to build the detail plans about the training affairs of the university, present to the President for approval. The detail plans shall include: training plans in years, courses and types of training. Also, the department is responsible for planning and organizing the mid-term and final examinations for the relevant training units;

- Carrying out the process of student admission including the announcements about content, candidates, targets, majors all of which must follow the regulations of Ministry of Education and Trainning;

Carrrying out the administrative affairs including:

- After basing on the training plan, announcing to the faculties and the dapartments the amount of teaching;

- Carrying out the traching and learning process, supervising the implementation of these processes;

- Managing the amount of teaching of the faculties and departments as well as other affairs of the teaching procedure; organizing the teaching contracts and handle with these contracts;

- Coordinating with the faculties and departments in creating, correcting the content and training programs;

- Designing the teaching and learning plans and preparing all the issues about the facilities and teaching equioments;

- Managing the entire students studying in the in-service courses at the university and other collaborated units in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Trainning;

- Administrating the academic results of the students; handling with the issues about the learning processes such as; presenting the certificates, terminating the learning of the students...

- Coordinating with the relevant units to evaluate the training quality;

- Examinng the regulation violations of the studetns and seeking for the reasonable solutions;

- Administrating sufficiently all the records, documents; recording all the necessary data about the academic affairs and other issues;

- Counselling to the President in the graduation judgement; setting up the Committee of graduation examination, awarding the certificates at the end of the courses.

III. Staff

1./ Dr. Nguyen Thanh Đat - Director

2. MSc. Nguyen Duc Hieu – Vice Director

3./ BSc. Nong Huu Binh – Officer 

4./ BSc. Huynh Thanh Son – Officer

5./ BSc. Kieu Anh Phap – Officer 

6./ BSc. Huynh Van Kiet – Officer

7./ BSc. Nguyen Nhu Thu– Officer

8./ BSc. Bui Thi Thu Huyen - Officer