Center of Scientific Research and Technology Development of Transport


Center of Scientific Research and Technology Development of Transport, which belongs to HCMC University of Transport, was established according to the decision 1425/QD-BGTVT dated 19/5/2004 by the Ministry of Transport.

The English translation name, in short, is: Center for Scientific Research and Technology Development of Transport (The abbreviation is CSTT).

This center is an organization doing scientific research and development technology at the basic level, taking the responsibility of doing scientific research and development technology, combining training with doing scientific research and manufacturing, science service and technology in order to make the most advantage of  training in transport field in order to fulfill the following duties:

1. Doing scientific research and applying scientific and technical developments to teaching as well as technological development of the transport branch;

2. Carrying out international cooperation in training area, applying professional knowledge in research programs, developing technology and teaching quality of HCMC university of Transport;

3. Organizing the process of training and retraining, supplementing and practicing technical and scientific advantages, applying technology in production, operation, doing business in transport environment;

4. Giving professional advice in investigation, design, supervising, technical verification, examining the quality of equipment, infrastructure of construction project and derrick;

5. Expanding to apply new technologies in the reality, organizing experimental production in industrial areas, mental technologies, new materials, transport, environment, supplying and treating water and civil infrastructure construction.


1. Director: Associate Prof, Dr. Tran Canh Vinh

2. Vice Director: Associate Prof, Dr. Nguyen Ba Hoang

3. Vice Director: Associate Prof, Dr. Vu Ngoc Bich

III. CONTACT: (08) 3512 0560