Center of Shipping and Seafarer

I. Tasks and Functions

Center of Shipping and Seafarer is a unit under direct management of Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC). Established pursuant to Decision No 123/2007/QĐ- ĐHGTVT dated March 27th , 2007 by President of  UT-HCMC has the functions in managing, using the training and service vessels and the seafarers:

Official English name: Shipping and Seafarer Center (SSC).


- Managing the trainining and service vessel of the UT-HCMC;

- Organizing the process of training, educating and doing business assigned by the UT-HCMC;

- Coordinating with the departments, faculties and other centers to send the students for internship on the training vessel;

- Under the assignments of the UT-HCMC, the center shall expand the activities of training and doing services for the vessel in accordance with the national laws;

- Working with the authorities to deal with the procedures during the processes of training, and economic collaborations;

- Selecting and collaborating with the national and international organizations to train and retrain the seafarers following the standards  of IMO and the government’s laws;

-Sending the Vietnamese seafarers to works on the national and international vessels.

II. Contact:

Center of Shipping and Seafarer:

Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport

No.2, D3 Street, Van Thanh Bac, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.

Tel: (08) - 35127130

Fax: 08-35127129