Center of Foreign Languages – IT – University Examination Training


• Being established under the Decision No. 184/QĐ-ĐHGTVT dated on September 26th, 2003 by the President of Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, the Center has the following duties (extracted from the temporary regulations of operation):

• Training the foreign languages and computer skills for all the students in the university;

• Organizing the seminar about IT, intensive foreign languages to support the transport and maritime sectors; support the official examinations, post-graduate examinations, and the English skills for individuals going to study abroad....

• Enrolling students who have desire to study national English certificates (A, B, C) and advanced programs;

• Organizing the university examination preparation classes for the high school students;

• Making a survey to be aware of the demands of students and the local learners and then, launch the suitable English and computer skills classes;

• Conducting the training collaborations with the external units to carry out its functions.


• Signing the contracts directly with the lecturers who meet the necessary qualifications both in morality and knowledge;

• Asking the subordinate units and the faculties to collaborate in administring the students in all aspects during the time they study in the center;

• Opening other branches to attract students;

• Giving the awards, punishments to all the teaching staff and officials working in the center in accordance with the labour regulations.


Tel: 08. 35124452