District 12 Campus Management Unit

Tel: (08) 3883 7811
Email:      @hcmutrans.edu.vn

 I. Functions

 The Management Board of District 12 campus is in charge of the personnel and property  management, organization of teaching and learning activities, and ensuring the order and  security, and hygiene at the campus

II. Responsibilities

- Carrying out the asset management at the campus, planning the schedules for the use and repair of the equipment in order to ensure that all the campus activities are successfully carried out.

- Carrying out the superintendence activities such as monitoring the teaching and learning activities at the campus according to the university’s plans and periodically making a report to the Board of Presidents and Department of Personnel and Administration

- Receiving and arranging accommodations for the university students; managing the boarders; registering the boarders with the local authority in accordance with the current regulations; disseminating to the boarders the university’s regulations on boarder management and the general regulations of the university and campus.

- Signing, renewing and suspending contracts with boarding students as prescribed; Suggesting the boarding fees and the use of these funds;

- Organizing regular meetings between the management board and the units concerned for the evaluation of the teaching, learning and the observance of the rules and regulations of the school and facility.

- Coordinating with the Political Affairs and Student Service Department, the Youth Union, and the Students' Union in organizing culture, art, physical education and sports activities and student movements.

- Arranging guardians to maintain the security and order at the campus, prevent the crime and other social evils.

- Arranging staff to carry out the environmental sanitation work at the campus;

- Building regulations and strategies on fire prevention and firefighting; Organizing periodical training for the staff; Maintaining the equipment for fire prevention and firefighting in accordance with the current regulations.

- Executing the implementation of the rules and regulations, evaluation of the test results and emulation contributing to making the campus a cultural unit.

- Coordinating with the local authorities, police authorities and health authorities to ensure the security work and health care for the students.

III. Staff:

1/ ThS. Nguyen Van Binh                 Deputy Head 

2/ Pham Van Thanh

3/ Le Hoang Long

4/ Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen