The Thank-you letter




- Generations of teachers, officials, parents and students of Ho Chi Minh City In-service Training Center of Transport; the branch of Vietnam Maritime University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport;                

- Organizations and individuals in the country and other countries;

- News agencies.

First of all, on behalf of Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport’s (UT-HCMC) officials, lecturers, students, and trainees, it is my great honor to send warmest greetings to distinguished guests for good health and success!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

On May 18th, 2018, Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport ceremonially celebrated the 30th Anniversary of establishment and development and honorably received the Emulation flags and the Certificates of merit from the Ministry, Department. These are the achievements of the continuous efforts of the generations of officials, lecturers, students and trainees and marking a great turning point in the history in UT-HCMC’s significant development.

On this special occasion, UT-HCMC was honorably welcomed the delegates and distinguished guests’ attendances who are leaders of agencies, departments, entrepreneurs, generations of lecturers, officials and students of UT-HCMC and expresses deep gratitude for your material and spiritual supports which contributed to the great success of the special ceremony and also has been perpetuating the tradition and good relationship between distinguished guests and UT-HCMC. UT-HCMC also honorably received colorful flowers baskets and telegram of greetings from friends in the country and abroad on this solemn occasion.

Your attendance and great love are the great encouragement for us to continuously strive with mission of education and training, and contributing to economic and social development for the country.

Although UT-HCMC had prepared carefully and thoughtfully for the ceremony, but we would not still avoid the shortcomings in the reception process and we are now really looking forward to receiving your sympathy.

On behalf of UT-HCMC’s leaders, officials, lecturers and students, I would really like to send to you the deepest and sincerest gratitude. We would really like to continuously receive your cooperation and support with UT-HCMC in promoting all activities.

Thanks and Best Regards.

                  PRESIDENT OF UT-HCMC 

  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Thu, Party Committee Secretary



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